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Background Check and Provider # Renewal Forms:

Remember to provide a copy of your Driver’s License/ID when submitting the background check form to the office.

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PSW Orientation and Training

The Oregon Administrative Rules require that each person newly enrolled as a PSW must:

  1. Complete the 4-hour PSW Orientation before they can receive their SPD Provider ID number and be credentialed as a DD PSW provider for the first time. AND
  2. Complete two 4-hour PSW Core Basic Training (total of 8 hours) within 120 days after completing their PSW Orientation. AND
  3. Complete a total of 12 hours of PSW Continuing Education trainings every 2 years from the completion of their PSW Orientation, to continue to be credentialed.

To register, visit the Carewell SEIU website:

New PSW Workers Training Guide


As of March 31, 2022, all incumbent PSW providers (existing/currently credentialed and working as a DD PSW prior to 9/1/2021) MUST:

  1. Complete 8 hours of PSW Core Basics Refresher training by March 31, 2022, to remain credentialed as a PSW provider, AND
  2. Complete a total of 12 hours of PSW Continuing Education trainings every 2 years from the completion of their PSW Core Basics Refresher, to continue to be credentialed and work as a PSW provider ongoing.

For more information, visit the Carewell website at

Helpful Links:

·         Link for PSW Orientation:

·         Link for Training (New Worker):

·         Link for Training (Current Worker):

PSW Registry

Oregon Home Care Commission

OHCC Registry and Referral System

Serious Incident & Abuse Reporting

Effective November 1, 2019, Personal Support Workers (PSWs) must report serious incidents to the Personal Agent within one business day of the incident. Serious incidents may be reported via phone, email, or in-person.

For Provider Agencies, a written report must be submitted to the Personal Agent within five business days.

What is a Serious Incident?

  • Serious illness that results in hospitalization, bodily injury, or death without treatment
  • Serious injury that risks a person’s life or permanent injury without treatment
  • Physical aggression resulting in injury to the person, PSW, or others
  • The individual receives emergency medical care: This includes urgent care visits and treatment by paramedics, regardless if the individual is transported to a hospital by the paramedic
  • The individual is missing beyond the time frame established in their ISP
  • The individual is admitted to a psychiatric hospital
  • A suicide attempt is made by the individual
  • There is an unplanned hospitalization
  • A medication error occurs that results in harm or puts the person’s health and safety at risk
  • A safeguarding intervention or the use of safeguarding equipment included in a Positive Behavior Support Plan that results in injury
  • The use of a physical restraint that is not included in a Positive Behavior Support Plan
  • Death

What information must the incident report include?

  • The individual’s name
  • Date, time, duration, type, and location of the incident
  • What happened before, or leading up to, the incident
  • Detailed description of the incident, including what you (the provider) did
  • Description of the injury, if applicable
  • The provider’s name and the names of any witnesses to the incident
  • Actions taken by the provider or others to help prevent the incident from happening again

Incident Reporting Form for PSW, Community, Family (Click Here)

Please note that your role as a mandatory reporter of suspected abuse or neglect has not changed. It is still required to report this to the abuse hotline at 1-855-503-SAFE (7233) and to the individual’s Personal Agent.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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Payroll Calendar

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Timesheet Submission Process & Secure Link

NOTE:  Please DO NOT use “special characters” when labeling your timesheet.  ie.  # $ % ^ & * @

Our program does not support file names containing these special characters.

Timesheet Submission Link

PPL (Fiscal Services for PSW Payroll)

Public Partnership, LLC (PPL)

Phone: 1(888) 419-7705
Login: PPL’s BetterOnline web portal login page

Need help logging into Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL)?

Phone: 1(888) 419-7705
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eXPRS Information

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Please contact eXPRS Technical Triage.
Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #3)
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eXPRS Technical Triage

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #3)

Ongoing training opportunities:

Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC)

Enhanced or Exceptional PSW Certificate Program

For more information about PSW training, including free training opportunities, coursework and registration, visit OHCC’s website.