The Brokerage Process

Step 1: Referral

Customers only come to CCM through a referral from a Community Developmental Disability Program (CDDP). Once you’ve determined that you’d like to become a customer of CCM, we will work with the CDDP to coordinate the transfer of services.

*You have the choice of where you receive your case management services. You can choose to access case management services through a CDDP or a brokerage like Connections Case Mgmt.

Step 2: Personal Agent

As a customer of CCM, you will be assigned a case manager called a Personal Agent (PA). Your PA will work with you to develop a person-centered plan that supports your needs, goals, and dreams. Your PA will listen, help problem solve, and provide you information and resources. Your PA will respond to you as quickly as they can – whether you need a return call, a referral to a resource, help problem solving, or just someone to talk to.

Step 3: Planning

Your PA will work with you and the people who support you to gather information about your needs, goals, strengths, preferences, and dreams. Your PA will use this information to help you create an Individual Support Plan (ISP). Your plan outlines your goals, needs, risks, and supports and services. During planning, you get to choose which supports best meet your needs and who you would like to provide them. The purpose of the ISP and the supports written into the plan are to promote independence, integration, and self-determination.

Step 4: Implementing

After the plan is drafted, your PA will schedule a meeting with you and your support team to review and implement the plan. If you approve of the documents, they will be signed, and your plan will be put into place. Your plan lasts for one year and will be redone each year.

Step 5: Monitoring

Throughout the plan year, your PA will contact you and/or your support team to monitor the quality and effectiveness of the services provided to you and any progress towards your goals.

Step 6: Revision

We know that life is full of changes. Your PA will work with you and your support team to adjust your plan as needed.